What we do


Our 20+ years of agency experience spans the world, from Europe and Asia to the US.
We take this unique, first-hand international viewpoint and combine it with an in-depth knowledge
of what motivates and make people tick.
This is a valuable asset when it comes to evaluating, masterminding and creating communication concepts
that are relevant in today’s interconnected, ever-changing marketplace.


We are swift, flexible and autonomous.
We act rather than talk.
We believe in concise, targeted strategies.
We formulate executions based on our clients’ needs and requirements.
We do not believe in a shotgun approach with countless options.
We combine first-hand international experience with German efficiency.
This means  deadlines met, less costs and unique creative solutions.
We are honest: We tell our clients the truth, where the real problems lie.
We keep it simple: When we communicate, it’s easy to understand, relevant and smart – no meeting mumbo-jumbo.
The same holds true for our solutions.


We give you peace of mind so when you hand over a project you can be re-assured that it will be run successfully.
Our international track record speaks for itself.
We offer concept development that includes integrated campaigns, TV, print, digital, OOH and everything else in between
regardless if it’s in English or German.
When necessary, we bring in the best specialist available.
We take over entire projects or pitches and run them efficiently and successfully, so you can focus on whatever else is on your plate.
We lead your creative department and collaborate, inspire and mentor your creatives to come up with cutting edge solutions.
We present to your clients either in English or in German and execute the concepts without compromising on quality or efficiency.
And yes, we do video, film and photography shoots and post-productions, too.
You will get a truly first-hand international viewpoint that’s not just informed by the latest American TV-series or a 6-month internship abroad.
We bust our nuts so you don’t have to.

We ask the right questions to help you evaluate your creative projects and solutions so they stay true to your strategy and brand.
We advise and support you when developing communication concepts with your agency of record.
We offer concept development that includes integrated campaigns, TV, print, digital, OOH and everything else in between.
When necessary, we bring in the best specialists available.
We supervise and/or take over the executions of your communication concepts.